outdoor archeryOutdoor archery has the power to lower stress levels, boost energy and encourage exercise which is terrific for your physical health as well as your mental health.

Outdoor activities provide a wealth of benefits for your mind and body.

Incorporate more outdoor activities into your life not only for your health, but also the health of your family.

Spending time together outside is an invaluable experience and a wonderful way to bond with the people you love.

There’s nothing quite like being out in the wilderness among the trees, the wildlife, the fresh air and the serenity. There’s literally an unlimited number of outdoor pastimes that you can involve yourself in.

From camping and geocaching to surfing and bushwalking the choices are endless but… there’s one activity that’s really worth your consideration that most people don’t ever think about, and that is outdoor archery. This wonderful activity is family-friendly and accessible for everyone in your family or group. Best of all it’s relatively easy to learn and does not ‘cost the earth’ to get started.

Apollo, The God of Archery

Apollo is the Greek and Roman God of Archery and he extremely busy (perhaps the original multi-tasker) in addition to archery he’s also been identified as the God of ~

Apollo – Prophecy
– Music
– Healing
– Dance
– Diseases
– Truth
– The Sun
– Light
– Poetry

Yes, Apollo was very busy… What-a-Guy!

He is also the son of Zeus and Leto. His twin sister Artemis, goddess of the hunt, was considered the most beautiful of all gods. Appllo and his sister are credited as being the actual inventors of archery. Apollo is also the god who helps to ward off evil and is recorded to carry a golden bow and arrows of silver.

Outdoor Archery Facts

Archery is considered an ancient art that can be traced back through the centuries. Different cultures have used this tool for hunting, warfare, physical training, and even spiritual development. Today, it’s mainly for sport or for recreational purposes. It’s even an Olympic sport, although for a while it was removed.

Archery Left the Olympics for Over 50 Years!

This sport was introduced to the Olympics in 1900 but was removed in 1920 because there were no international standards for equipment or rules to ensure the games were fair. It was reintroduced back into the games in 1972 after more international standards were put in place.

Toxophilite is Another Name for an Archer

Toxophilite comes from the Greek “toxon” which means bow and arrow, and “philos” means loving. Together toxophilite refers to someone who is fond of or potentially an expert. It’s not a commonly used term, but you could use it to refer to someone who really loves the sport.

Archery in Films

Jennifer Lawrence was trained by Olympic Archer Khatuna Lorig for her role as Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games. Learning the correct way to hold and shoot a bow lent authenticity to the role.

How Expensive is Archery?

Outdoor archery can be as expensive or affordable as you want it to be. A beginner recurve bow will cost anywhere from $100 to $200. Six arrows ranges from $30 to $100 depending on the material. As a student of archery you can get set up for this sport for less than $300. Maybe a good archery package is a viable option to keep costs down.

As you get more into the hobby, other equipment will add to this price. Intermediate bows are usually a little pricier and range from $300 to $600, and professional high-end bows can be as much as $1,000. How much you choose to spend on a bow and other equipment is entirely up to you.

Other common items that will factor into the archery cost include a quiver, archery range fees, and lessons. You can get a good quiver for $15 to $50 depending on the style and capacity you choose. When it comes to archery programs and archery classes, these options are up to you.

Why Not Set Up a Target in Your Own Back Yard?

outdoor archery on the beach

“OK… so your backyard archery range is a beach, I like it”

If you have space to set up your own target in the backyard, you don’t need to worry about paying any range fees which may run into a significant cost over time. Archery lessons are also optional, some people usually opt for at least two or three lessons to get the basics down.

The cost of lessons can vary widely depending on the location and instructor, but you can probably find introductory lessons starting at around $25 per hour.

After your initial investment in archery equipment, you should be set for quite a while. A good bow can last you more than 20 years if you take good care of it. You will have to replace the bowstring during that time but the cost to do that is relatively minor. In reality, this sport is no more expensive than any other sport.

There’s no reason your outdoor archery range can’t be your backyard and, there’ll be no archery range rules to worry about.

How Old Might Archery Be?

How old might archery be?

Well, from archaeological discoveries, we understand that archery, in a contemporary and somewhat mature form, was around at least 10,000 years ago. It’s generally agreed upon that arrowhead flints that were found put archery at a minimum of 20,000 years old.

That said, it’s not inconceivable that early man was shooting arrows using bows up to 70,000 years in the past. The simple notion of improving efficiencies in what we can already achieve by utilizing tools started way back in time.

To successfully hunt animals around 500,000 years ago, early man used darts and spears which, back then, were basically thin, pointed poles of wood. However, during the past 100,000 years there’s been an amazing growth in technology. 

Prior to the bow being invented, the atlatl, basically a stick that was used to fire a spear or even a dart, was discovered and found to be spread just about all around the world.

In modern times, discoveries unearthed in a cave in South Africa dating back 71,000 years produced complicated stone points resembling the shape of current arrowheads, implying that the origin of archery is earlier than initially assumed.

Why the bow and arrow ended up the way it is today is purely hypothetical, but one thing is certain, this invention was of such importance and benefit to mankind it spread through all civilizations around the globe. 

The bow and arrow is, along with the invention of the wheel and discovery of fire, one of the few marvels of mankind that has existed mostly unchanged.

Popular Types of Archery

Once you have your beginner archery gear you can commence your exciting journey into reviewing the various forms of competitive and recreational archery that are available to you. You may well be surprised by the number of options for you to enjoy your bow arrow and build on your valuable archery skills.

Here Are 7 Popular Options to Consider…

Target Archery

target archeryTarget archery is the most popular choice by far, it’s where just about all beginners start and the choice that most people are familiar with.

This type features heavily in outdoor tournaments option consists of an archer shooting arrows at a stationary target, typically in the shape of a bullseye. It can be done indoors or outdoors.

Field Archery

outdoor target archeryAs the name implies, field archery is conducted outdoors on a course and is more challenging than other forms of archery.

You’re still shooting at targets, but they’re set up at different points along the course and the distance to each target varies. For added challenge and difficulty, some of the targets may also vary in size. This size variation increases the difficulty level and embellishes the challenge.

3D Archery

3d archery3D archery is based around shooting at 3D targets in the shape of various animals. Each animal typically has various target spots marked on the body. The location of each target spot is worth a different number of points.

The scoring normally comes into play during 3D competitions. Of course if you’re not interested in scoring and you just wish to practice for the fun of it, you don’t have to aim for the designated spots.

Clout Archery

Clout ArcheryIf you enjoy long-distance shooting this option may be the one for you as it requires a greater distance between you and your target.

A flag is set up on a field and the goal is to shoot your arrow as close to the flag as possible. The greater distance between you and the flag requires you shoot high into the air so your arrow will fall closer to the flag. You need to judge the distance between you and the flag so you can determine the right shooting angle.

Flight Archery

flight archeryFlight Archery is the ‘Formula 1’ of Archery… The bows are heavily modified and tuned for maximum power for one single purpose only and that is to shoot an arrow the furthest distance.

Accuracy or anything else is simply not relevant. The Flight bow is refined to the max, its arrows lovingly and painstakingly hand-made for aerodynamic perfection.

Run Archery

Run ArcheryIf you enjoy more exercise this form may be for you. Run archery is a race to the finish line. You run a course with your bow loaded and ready and try to hit each target. If you miss a target, you’ll need to run a penalty lap.

The first person to the finish line wins. An added challenge is added here, this requires more stamina since you’ll be doing cardio as well.

Mounted Archery

If you love riding horses you’ll love this. You’ll be shooting your compound bow while riding flat out on a horse, not the best shooting position. This style isn’t very popular in the United States, but hey it’s a cool skill to learn and it takes the description of an outdoor range to the next level.

Riding a horse is difficult at the best of times let alone while you’re trying to shoot an apple off your best friends head without killing him! Mounted archery requires additional skills other than using a bow. You know… simple things like learning how to ride a horse!!


Mastery of the bow takes physical strength as well as dedication to the practice, but learning this skill is well-worth the effort. Once you know how to use a bow you’ll have learned an enjoyable and rewarding activity for life, one that you can involve yourself and your family in just about every time you step outside.

There are many physical benefits connected to archery, it’s also a great way to get involved in friendly competition and meet other like-minded people equally passionate about the art. If you wish to know more about this awesome sport and the right archery equipment you should be using, then check back regularly at Outdoors Oddity for the latest updates and archery product reviews.