Here’s What You DON’T Know About the Genesis Original Bow

The Genesis Original Bow is one of the best value compound bows available and one of its greatest benefits is the whole family can use it, from a 3 year old to Grandpa and everyone in between. Selecting a bow can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to archery. Luckily, bows like this one make the choice much easier. 

In fact, the National Archery Schools Program (NASP) name it as their official bow. If you’re still not convinced, keep reading to find out why the Genesis Bow could be the perfect choice for you. 

The Genesis Original Bow is Great for Beginners

One of the best features of the this compound bow is the fact that itgenesis original bow suits anyone with a draw length between 15 to 30 inches, and that covers most of us. Trying to figure out the draw length is something a lot of beginners struggle with, but Genesis takes care of this detail by automatically adjusting to the person shooting.

This feature also makes the bow perfect for children. As your kids grow, the bow will adjust to their new draw lengths so you don’t even need to think about updating every few years. 

The automatic draw length also makes this bow a cost saver. If a number of family members want to learn archery and you’re looking for a bow which all of you can use, then the Genesis Original is the one you want.

The varying draw lengths as well as the ability to adjust the pull weight between 10 and 20 pounds means it suits everyone in the family. 

But wait, there’s more…

  • It’s incredibly accurate
  • It produces little recoil
  • It’s relatively quiet during release.

Beginner archers will immediately feel comfortable handling this bow and can start practicing their archery skills straight out of the box. If you’re worried about wear and tear on this bow, don’t be.

It’s a durable piece of equipment for sure that is built to last so even though a number of people might be using it, you’ll still be using it for years to come.

The Genesis Bow Kit is a Really Worthwhile Accessory

Selecting the right bow is obviously the first step but then you need to consider the most suitable accessories to go with it.

Although accessories are a secondary step, they are an important one as it’s best to choose the most suitable options. Considering the Genesis Bow Kit first up is a worthwhile exercise.

In addition to a bow, the kit includes:

  • Tube quiver
  • Arm guard
  • 5 aluminum arrows
  • Hexagonal (Allen) wrench
  • Owner’s manual

All of these accessories are essential for beginner archers to own. The quiver allows you to carry around your arrows while the arm guard will keep you from bruising your arm as you learn to properly shoot your bow.

The fact that the kit also comes with five aluminum arrows is also very useful thank you very much!

Aluminum arrows are quite durable so they’ll be less likely to break than their wooden alternatives. This also saves you the trouble of researching and sifting through various arrow options. With five arrows already in your kit, you can get a feel for aluminum arrows and start to learn how it feels to shoot them. 

How to adjust the draw weight of your Genesis Bow using the supplied Allen wrench.

Adjusting the draw weight on your bow is a very simple and quick task. The two limb bolts are used for varying the draw weight are situated on the inner end of each limb, attached to each end of the riser.

Locate the 3/16” Allen wrench which is supplied with your bow and place it in the bottom wrench cutout. 

Turn it anti-clockwise one full resolution. 

Place the Allen wrench into the top cutout and turn it anti-clockwise one full resolution. One anti-clockwise resolution on each of the limb bolts will reduce the draw weight of you bow by approximately 1.5 pounds.  

Conversely, one full clockwise resolution on each of the limb bolts will increase the draw weight of your bow by approximately 1.5 pounds.

Keep Your Gear Safe in a Sturdy Genesis Bow Case

Now that you have the starting accessories and your bow, you’ll want to protect all of it. The best way to do this is by getting a Genesis Bow Case.

When selecting a bow case, you should select a hard one instead of one that is made of fabric material. The hard case covering will better protect your bow should it ever be dropped or stepped on while inside.

A few features you should look for in your bow case in addition to a hard cover include a padded interior with a place to store your arrows.

The padded interior offers extra protection for your archery equipment and the arrow slots make it easy to store your arrows and bow in one location. 

Genesis Gen-X Bow Reviewed

gen-x bowThe versatility of the Genesis Gen-X Bow defines the exceptional value of this wonderful compound bow.

The design is simplicity personified, with a single glance, it’s obvious that its design is one that will suite archers of most sizes and shapes.

Uncomplicated to use and available left and right handed, the primary benefit of this compound bow is its draw weight… a whopping 40 pounds.

This equates to high arrow speed for stronger target archers and, this bow has been approved for hunting whitetail in most parts of America.

The aluminum riser is beautifully machined, it’s light and comes pre-drilled and tapped so accessories can be easily and quickly fitted.

Complete with a molded grip the bow feels immediately at home when you hold it for the first time.

The Fors…

  • Produced via a progressive let-off manufacturing process which allows for fast, simple and predictable changes to draw weight rendering this bow very fast and entirely predictable.
  • Manufactured in the United States utilising high-quality materials its ruggedness is legendary and it will last for many years.
  • Competitively priced compared to similar bows makes it a terrific choice for beginners who are generally short on cash but wanting a good reliable compound bow.

The Against…

  • Unfortunately, this bow does not come with a nock or arrow rest, not a deal breaker but… 
  • There are archers that are of the opinion that it’s far more useful as a target practice bow and possibly smaller game at a stretch and it’s the options are narrowed when there’s hunting involved.

The Genesis Pro Bow Vs The Original Bow

The Genesis Pro is a competition-quality bow that, through improvisation and increased versatility, has ‘edged out’ the Genesis Original Bow.

Just as the original Genesis bow, the ‘Pro’ is suitable for just about anyone, a benefit of its zero let-off cam. 

However, the Genesis Pro’s draw stop is now adjustable and the result is an “impenetrable wall” indicating to shooters that they’ve reached their preferred draw lengtAlthough it now features increased poundage along with the adjustable draw, it remains a zero let-off bow. Its draw weight is also higher at 15 to 25 pounds.

You can choose from two cool color combos of black/red and black/chrome plus there’s a choice of other, more common, colors.

The Difference…

  • Riser cutouts are more exciting with chrome or red highlights available.
  • Increased draw weight and adjustable from 15 pounds to 25 pounds.
  • More centreshot clearance area makes way for modern rests as well as current bow tuning procedures.
  • Simple draw stop adjustment from 15 inches to 30 inches using the hexagonal wrench that comes with the bow.

Genesis Mini Bow Reviewed

genesis mini bowConstructed with the same high quality as all Genesis bows the Genesis Mini bow was purposely developed for smaller sized children aged from around 3 years to around 8 years old.

Most seasoned archers will say that this bow is the most popular choice for getting young people into this wonderful sport by learning and understanding the techniques which are required.

A great benefit of the Genesis Mini is that it’s simple for smaller children to use and, as your child grows, it can still be used successfully for a long time without the requirement to upgrade.

It’s noteworthy that most of the compound bows on the market which are suitable for the young brigade are heavier than the Mini Genesis.

That’s the very reason why it’s such a popular choice for parents when choosing a bow for smaller/younger children, in some cases before they even reach 4 years old.

Some ‘so called’ youth bows come with draw weights starting at 10 pounds which basically renders them useless for the younger ones.

This bow successfully deals with this issue by keeping the draw weight range at 6 to 12 pounds and the weight of the bow at 2 pounds. That’s why it’s so well suited for small fry!

The Mini Genesis is the Preferred Bow for Many Schools and Archery Clubs.

These bows are made from premium quality raw material sourced from reputable suppliers and manufactured under strict guidelines and proven processes.

That’s why they are the choice for a lot of schools and archery clubs.

The strings are of very high quality so it’s a perfect bow if you’re after one that’s going to be subject to a lot of wear and tear. 

It’s also a great hand-me-down choice for the bigger family and, for smaller families, Genesis bows hold their value very well so when the time comes to upgrade you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The Fors…

  • A popular choice for smaller kids from around 3 years to 8 years old.
  • Constructed from high quality materials that have withstood the test of time.
  • They retain their value, great when its time to update.
  • Fitted with strong and long lasting strings.
  • One of the best value bows out there.

The Against… (definitely not a deal breaker)

  • It would be great if the range of draw weight was broader.


Overall, the Genesis Original Bow is a great choice whether you’re an archery beginner or looking for an activity the whole family can enjoy.

Don’t let the various accessories, draw lengths, and other archery jargon scare you away from this great sport. Start out with a bow you know you’ll enjoy such as the Genesis Original.

This bow will help you feel comfortable with the equipment and it’ll also help you start to learn more about archery. Once you’re familiar with the Genesis, you can upgrade to bows that require specific draw lengths, weights, and features.

Until then, have fun shooting with your bow and fall in love with this great outdoor sport.