Revealed: The Best Archery Bow for Your Money?

best archery bow for your moneyBelow are the 4 main types of bows and the best archery bow for your money is bound to be one of them ~

  • Recurve bow
  • Compound bow
  • Longbow
  • Crossbow 

Generally speaking each type is used for a specific purpose.

And at this moment you may not have any idea of the type of bow you want but you can start the process by thinking about what you’re going to use it for.

For the purposes of this piece, we are going to focus on the two most common types of bows, the recurve and the compound. Both of these bows have been around for a very long time and are by far the most popular types.

Archery Compound Bow vs Recurve Bow

Both the recurve bow and the compound bow should be worthy inclusions in your quest to find the best archery bow for your money. Each type comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

The one that will work best for you depends on what you want to do with it and the style you’re going for with your bow. An archery compound bow vs. a recurve bow will get you two very different results.

If power is your thing, you should be aware that the compound bow creates more power than a recurve bow. It achieves this by making use of a mechanical levering system which helps to bend the arms and generate extra power.

We’ve been asked the following question many times…

“Why Don’t You Guys Review More Bows?”

There are so many bows available on the market today that it’s a pointless exercise reviewing too many simply because, for a learner, it becomes very confusing and eventually, completely overwhelming.

We only ever review the top 3 or so because, based on our experience, they represent the best value for our readers.

Best Recurve Bow to Buy

best recurve bowA recurve bow is considered a more traditional bow and is typically the bow most recommended for archery beginners.

This type of bow is lighter to carry and has a fairly basic design so the upkeep on this piece of equipment is a bit easier to manage. 

The drawbacks of the recurve are that it requires more upper body strength to draw and then hold the position.

The basic features of the bow also make it more challenging to hit your target, which means it takes a lot more time and practice to really master the recurve bow. 

However, if you love the look of this style and prefer something without all of the bells and whistles associated with a compound, we suggest you take a hard look at the following options when deciding on the best archery bow for your hard earned money.

The Practical Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

The Samick Sage takedown Recurve bow is an excellent beginner archery bow. This is a very high-quality bow at a very affordable price. Plus, the fact that it’s a takedown bow makes it even more valuable.

A takedown bow allows you to disassemble the bow for traveling. The limbs can be detached and stored in a travel case. This is also beneficial should anything happen to your bow. You can simply replace a limb instead of the entire bow, which is much more affordable. 

Kids PSE RTS Mini Burner

The PSE RTS Mini Burner is one of the best archery bows for kids. It’s available in both left and right hand and the limbs can easily be screwed and unscrewed from the body of the bow. The Razorback even comes in a youth model, which is perfect for the younger ones just getting into archery. 

The Bear Archery Grizzly Recurve Bow

The Bear Grizzly is a much more powerful bow than the previous two listed. This bow can be used for hunting and is known for being quieter as well as more accurate.

The Bear Archery Grizzly Recurve Bow might be more expensive than some of the other options, but it’s one of the best recurve bows you can get for your money if you’re looking for bow with real power. 

Best Compound Bow to Buy

best compound bowCompound bows require less physical strength but give you more accuracy and power. This type of bow is also very open to customization as it usually comes with a lot of different tools such as scopes and stabilizers. 

The downside of a compound bow is that it ends up being heavier than a more traditional bow and also requires more maintenance.

Since there are so many accessories on the bow, it can take a while to clean and put everything away. 

That being said, if you’re interested in the accuracy and customization of a compound bow then one of the following may be the best choice for you.

The Southland Archery Supply (SAS) Outrage

The SAS is one of the best compound bows for the price. This might be a budget bow but its performance will not disappoint you. The SAS is a sturdy yet comfortable piece of equipment that can be used for hunting. It is recommended, however, that you replace the bow string right away as it’s known to have string issues. 

The Diamond Archery Compound Infinite Edge Pro

The Diamond Archery compound bow is one that you can grow with as it’s light enough for kids but comes with excellent adjustable settings to fit your archery needs. This bow also comes with some valuable features such as a string loop, arrow rest, and three-pin sight. The Diamond Archery Compound Infinite Edge Pro

The Bear Archery Cruzer Series

The Bear Archery Cruzer series are well-known for being versatile and of good value. This bow is for everyone from beginners to experienced archers.

One of the best things about this compound bow is that it only weighs about three pounds, which makes it light enough to carry around all day while hunting or doing field archery. If you’re looking for the best compound bow under $500, then the Bear Archery Cruzer series should definitely be considered. 

Exercises for Archers

Physical and mental exercises for archers can do wonders for anyone involved in sport, and archery is no different.

To be a successful archer, and even just to be able to enjoy the sport of archery, you need to be physically fit, alert and mentally strong.

Archery does develop your strength and that’s great because it’s not a sport that you can do successfully without having some level of fitness.

Energy levels and concentration are both important factors while undertaking this challenging sport

Archers will benefit greatly not only in their chosen sport but their general wellbeing including self esteem, physical fitness, flexibility and strength. 

There is no specific time to exercise, the time of day that you exercise is totally irrelevant, the time that suits you is your best time.

It could be in your lunch hour or first thing in the morning, before work or at night. The key is to do some exercise on a regular basis.

Here’s a challenge…

Make it a personal goal to exercise every day for 30 days and see how much better you feel. 

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the result, both mentally and physically and you’ll be very pleased with yourself and what you have achieved.

Exercise changes the way your body and mind feels and the difference can be noticed almost immediately by yourself and your family and friends.

Your muscles will be stronger, you’ll see an increase in endurance and your body will be better at handling joint stress.

Many archers use exercises such as agility and strength training for improving their skills and stamina.

To be a successful archer, and even just to be able to enjoy the sport of archery, you need to be physically fit, alert and mentally strong.

Energy levels and concentration are both important factors while undertaking this challenging sport.

Physical exercising for archery is a smart idea and is very beneficial to your health in general, concentration and your overall archery skills.

Kettlebell Exercises For Archery

kettlebell exercisesFor the majority of people who are not involved in archery, this sport certainly does not appear to be rough-ass activity that requires brute strength and unlimited stamina, quite the opposite in fact. 

It looks more like something akin to warmup exercise to get you going on a cold winter’s morning,

However archers know better.

They’re fully aware that, to be a competent archer, good upper body strength is what’s required along with a well balanced core and rock solid hips.

It goes without saying that highly developed hand-eye coordination is a prerequisite. 

Every one of these attributes will need to engage simultaneously so you have the best chance of hitting what you want to hit, be it a target or wild game.

If you dream about taking down a buck or maybe an elk, you’ll need to have the power to draw a high powered bow and hold it firm! 

The smallest core imbalance or if your hips are in any way not stable will result in your shooting to be off-whack and your opportunity gone.

Maximise your enjoyment by being prepared, kettlebell exercises will go along way to getting you fitter and having a more positive frame of mind, not only for archery, but also your general well being.

5 Terrific Strength and Conditioning Exercises You Can Do at Home

The following exercises should be included in your workout to maximize your overall strength and as well as your archery performance.

The Single Arm Dumbbell Row

This exercise assists in strengthening the rhomboid and arm muscles which are engaged when drawing your bow. You will be able to shoot further and improve your draw weight as well.

The Dumbbell Side Raise

Powerful shoulder muscles are not a prerequisite for a successful archer however by increasing the strength in your shoulders your bow will be more stable.

This particular exercise develops stronger and well balance shoulders and is also great unilateral exercise which also benefits your shoulders.

The Romanian Deadlift

This exercise is generally called the RDL and is a common exercise for athletes from just about every background. Stability when shooting is based on your stance and, if you can get this right, you have a solid base for achieving greater accuracy and effortless shooting.

The RDL will develop your glutes, hamstrings and your lower back, all of which contribute to a better stance.

The Rowing Machine

This exercise will improve your stamina if you’re planning long days out on the range. Using this machine substantially improves your endurance and is of great benefit to the major muscles throughout most off your body. It’s definitely a worthwhile activity to include in your exercise routines.

The Forearm Plank

If you’re wanting to work on your core stability, strength and endurance the forearm plank is a great exercise for improving your archery. Being in the isometric group of exercises it trains your muscles to contract while not moving.  

There are many variations of this exercise and if it ends up being too easy for you, there’s many others options to try.

Archery Has So Many Health Benefits

Does Archery Have Health Benefits?

Increased concentration, better hand-eye coordination and improved mental strength are all benefits of archery.

Add physical fitness to the mix and you’ll enjoy greater success in archery and have a lot more fun doing it.

Archery is an addiction and once you pick up a bow it’s mighty difficult to stop. This is a good thing because, in a way, it forces you to exercise more and stay healthier.

Another valuable benefit that results from involving yourself in archery is you will spend more of your leisure time in the great outdoors, presumably with your family and friends. That must may be way better than what you’re possibly doing currently!

If you can improve your strength and stamina, you’ll gain greater control over your shooting ability and you will have the fitness level  to maintain it for longer periods of time.

Increasing the strength in your glutes, shoulders, back and lats will get you more than ready for the range.

Being aware of your own capacity for exercise is the key to a successful workout. Kick off slow and easy and don’t try to exceed your limits at this early stage.

If you’re at all concerned about your ability you may wish to have a chat with your doctor prior to going full steam ahead. Also, educate yourself so that you don’t do any damage while exercising.

Our ultimate goal is to be happy and healthy in body and mind.


The best archery bow for your money can be determined by deciding which type of bow you want as well as what archery level you’re at. Beginner bows are going to be more affordable than the more advanced versions.

That being said, even the beginner bows listed here are good quality and can meet your needs. Either way, the bows listed above are a good starting point when choosing your next archery bow. 


“Is Archery a Masculine Sport?

  • The question of whether or not archery is a masculine sport comes up from time to time, it was considered a masculine sport since the beginning of time.

    Look at the ancient history of archery and you will see that it was used in combat, for hunting, and for sport. Because of its combat-related origins, it was considered to be a masculine sport. It would be much too difficult to support the weight of a bow and arrow if you were not in good shape.

    A strong arm and shoulder was necessary to pull back the bow string, hold the arrow, and shoot it accurately. Bow masters had to be in good physical condition in order to succeed in their trade.

    Today, archery is a sport for everyone regardless of gender, age or ability and can be practiced by anyone who likes it. Males and females compete in archery events in the Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games and In archery championships around the globe.

    You can shoot your arrows into the air, at paper targets or even at animals such as rabbits and other animals that are considered pests. Archery is an effective way to practice your aim and mental concentration.

    Although many people continue to think of archery as a male sport, it is most definitely not. Women can take part in the game and be just as skilled and competitive as any man.

“Does Archery Burn Calories?”

  • Many people believe that if you enjoy archery, you should also have a very fit figure. The truth is, enjoying the sport of archery does not directly lead to having a great shape.

    Archery will not make you lose weight but will increase your strength, though. It is very important to know that when you are planning to start doing archery exercises, it is safer to do it under the supervision of a professional instructor.

    This is because you can be injured while doing this activity if you do not use the right technique. There are different archery techniques that you can practice to improve your strength like the draw technique, practice with weighted arrow and more.

    Each of these techniques will help improve your muscle strength in your arms and shoulders and will also increase your physical fitness. Some people say that in order to burn calories during archery, you have to be very active and do vigorous workouts but this is not true.

    I have no idea if it burns many calories or not. You could ask your doctor or maybe a trainer at your gym, but I think it depends on a lot of factors like ~

    – Are you holding the bow with both hands or one hand?
    – Are you drawing/holding the string all the way back or just part way?
    – Are you walking long distances while playing?
    – How often do you play and for how long?

    As you can see the variables are many so for some, they may well burn off some calories however for others, they may actually add calories depending on what they snacked on during play!

“Why Do Some Archers Wear Gloves?”

  • Some people just assume that it is because of the cold weather outside, makes sense!

    However, there are actually other reasons other than the cold weather that you would wear fingerless or full gloves when you are practicing archery.

    Many archers use gloves to protect their hands from the vibrations of the bow. Most commonly, they use a fingerless glove, which allows the grip of the finger palm to remain bare and retain natural sensitivity.

    However, many archers prefer a glove with a full palm for added protection, this is particularly true for those who shoot with less than full draw weights as well as for those who use shorter draw lengths.

    It’s the vibration of the string that causes the most damage to the finger tips, and the gloves act as a buffer however archers need to be able to feel the string and gloves can prevent this from happening. My take on it is that it is necessary at times to use a light touch, and the gloves reserve sensitivity.

    Wear gloves and your hands will definitely thank you!

“How Did Archers Carry Their Bows in Medieval Times?”

  • Medieval Archers needed a place to carry their bows and also store arrows and many carried their bows in a satchel slung over the shoulder.

    Other methods of carrying a bow included; carrying it with the help of a sheath or belt, carrying it over the back in a quiver and attaching the bow to the belt with a stringed strap or securely carrying it with a belt and strap.

    The strap was then wrapped around the body and through the opposite side of the belt which was also attached to the waist. This method helped keep balance when shooting as well as shooting while riding on horseback where the archer could still travel light and fast.

    A quiver was used to carry the bow and arrows. The arrow quiver was attached to the waist and was held by a cord or chain that went around the waist