The Hidden Health Benefits of Archery

You may not realize it but the hidden health benefits of archery are numerous including improved mobility, strength and balance. Doctors often recommend archery for people with health problems such as osteoarthritis or neurodegenerative diseases.

happy and healthy young archersThe health benefits of archery have been well-documented.

It is a sport that can be done indoors or outdoors, and the shooting of an arrow can be beneficial for both mental and physical health.

It also improves your hand-eye coordination and the muscles required for shooting.

Studies have found that, over time, children who are involved in archery are more likely to develop improved cardiovascular and fitness levels as well as a stronger grip. There’s no doubt about it, children who engage with archery will lead happier and healthier lives.

The Top 10 Hidden Health Benefits of Archery

1. Improves Heart Health

Archery is highly aerobic exercise that can be done by almost every member of the family. If you’re an older person you can do it without any problem, and for younger people it gives them the ability to grow muscles and get strong while having fun.

Archery also places less stress on the joints than some other sports like running or basketball because it is based more on important muscle control such as when drawing a bow.

2. Reduces Pain and Inflammation

Archery is a great way to get in shape as it can be done by people who may not enjoy running or may have some other physical problem that prevents them from running. Archery forces you to use muscles in your body that might not normally be used if, for example, you’re an average person who enjoys walking for exercise.

This includes your legs, for example, since you’re holding and using a bow, drawing the string back and shooting. By using this muscle group more regularly, you’ll actually benefit more as time goes on due to increased strength and flexibility.

3. Boosts Immunity and Reduces Stress Levels

stress free archerArchery is a fun way for your body to enhance its immune system by pumping stress hormones and adrenal hormone (epinephrine, norepinephrine) for extended periods of time.

Just like working out on a treadmill can cause your cortisol levels to spike, archery forces you to increase the work you’re doing in order to pull back the string of the bow.

This can put more stress on your body because you’re essentially forcing yourself to work harder than you would normally if you were just walking through the park.

Nevertheless, it will make you stronger and healthier.

Archery is also an excellent way to boost your cardiovascular system. The muscle work that you’re doing in archery will force your heart to pump harder than normal. This will help you lose weight as well as keep you healthy and fit.

4. Improves Steadfastness and Confidence

Archery can enhance confidence for children who may not feel very confident because of their lack of coordination or their limited motor skills, for older people who need to focus on maintaining balance, and for athletic people who want a way to improve their overall health without being able to participate in physical activities such as running or basketball.

5. Improves Posture and Improves Strength

Archery involves a lot of balance, drawing back the bow, and then releasing the arrow or shot. All of these areas are important for maintaining good posture because you become more coordinated, steady, and stable through archery.

It also develops muscle strength and endurance as well as improves grip strength, all of which are important for injury prevention in future years.

Additionally, having good posture helps prevent health problems such as back injuries due to poor back support or fatigue from strain over time. Incorporating archery into your daily routine can help you improve your posture in a natural way without forcing you to do exercises that you may not enjoy due to their monotony.

6. Improves Your Flexibility

flexible archerArchery does involve pulling back the bow which can be tough for people with arthritis.

However, even with soreness or pain, it’s important to keep trying because archery will strengthen your muscles around the joints which is essential in reducing pain and stiffness over time.

It also provides a great cardio workout by increasing your heart rate, respiration rate, and blood flow as you complete the sport of archery. It’s also a fun way to maintain flexibility as well as improve it so you can get into better physical shape along the way too.

7. Improves Vision by Increasing Hand-Eye Coordination

Archery can help improve your vision by increasing hand-eye coordination. This means that you’re able to develop more balance and control when it comes to aiming, shooting and pulling back the bow string.

For children who have had trouble with their coordination, archery is also an excellent way to enhance hand-eye coordination as well as help kids learn how to focus at the same time while increasing their motor skills movement and ability.

8. Improves Balance for Children and Adults

Archery also has an advantage because it only uses one hand while most sports force you to use both hands. This can help you develop your balance by forcing you to focus on what your body is doing instead of using both hands. Archery is also a nice way to build on coordination as well as overall motor skills for children who have special needs such as ADHD or autism spectrum disorders.

9. Great Fun for the Entire Family

Archery and bow hunting are great ways to spend time with your family, especially the kids and grandkids who probably don’t enjoy sitting in front of the TV or playing video games all day. Archery provides an excellent way to get the family together for some friendly competition, or simply enjoy spending quality time together.

This is especially true when all of you are engaged in a healthy activity that doesn’t involve sitting in front of the TV or playing video games. Being outside and enjoying nature while working on your skills at the same time is always a good thing for your health too.

10. Bows and Archery Equipment is Readily Available and Easy to Store

archery equipmentThere are archery ranges located in many cities, towns and even local parks these days so it’s very easy to locate a place where you can shoot a bow or take an archery class.

There are also many retailers that carry the different types of bows and accessories you may need for archery. It’s a great way to get out into the open and enjoy nature, but also provides a chance to meet up with your friends and family too.


Archery is a great sport to add to your exercise regime because it gently exercises all of your major muscles simultaneously while improving posture, balance and coordination along the way. It’s fun, easy to do, and you don’t require a lot of equipment to get involved.