IMPORTANT: What to Consider Before Buying a Recurve Bow

Recurve Bow ShooterWhen buying a recurve bow there’s much to consider. There are bows for beginners, target shooting and archers chasing more power. There’s also the size of the bow to think about.

Whether you’re chasing a high-power bow for optimal accuracy or a simple, easy-to-shoot beginner’s bow, there’s something for everyone. 

Researching some recurve bow tips from a credible source is a smart idea.

Finding the right choice among the the many bows that are available can be a tough challenge. We’ve selected a number of the better options for you to check out here.

You should start your search for a recurve bow that fits your style, strength, whether you’re left or right handed, what you’re going to use it for and your budget range.

This article will help you to increase your knowledge about recurve bows so that you’ll be able to make a better buying decision, based on knowledge.

You will learn –

  • The best recurve bow for a beginner
  • Best recurve bow for target shooting
  • Best value recurve bow for your money
  • Size recommendations for recurve bows

A Recurve Bow That's Ideal for Learners

The TopArchery Takedown Recurve Bow is an excellent example of how you can enjoy a high-quality bow at a budget-friendly price and, it’s an ideal recurve bow for learners.

Beginner recurve archerChoose from three styles –

  • 20 pounds (9.07 kg)
  • 30 pounds (13.61 kg)
  • 40 pounds (18.14 kg)

This bow can be assembled in a matter of minutes. It comes with a double arrow rest designed for left-handed and right-handed people.

The bow is 57 inches (144.78 cm) long with a brace height of 9.4 inches (23.88 cm). You can take advantage of the ergonomic grip as you learn the basics of archery. 

The riser is made of flexible, durable nylon fiber, whereas the rest of it is made from epoxy. It doesn’t use low-end, cheap, flimsy wood like most beginner bows.

If you’re looking for a great recurve bow that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, then TopArchery has your pick. The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues, you can lodge a complaint for a quick reply from a responsive customer service team. They also have a wide selection of recurve bows for experienced bowmen.

Is a Recurve Bow Good for Target Practice

There’s no doubt that the SinoArt Takedown Bow is very accurate and a great bow for target practice. You can choose between the left-handed or right-handed design. There’s a wide variety of sizes ranging from 30 pounds to 60 pounds (13.61 kg to 27.22 kg) in 5-pound (2.3-kg) increments. Regardless of the options that you choose, it’s very reasonably priced.

target shooting with a recurve bow These bows are made with a beautiful natural wood appearance with a darkened tone.

It comes with a wood riser, two bow limbs, 16 strands of string, a stringer, a fur rest pad, two string nocks, and a pair of string silencers.

All of these tools can be used to customize your bow’s appearance and functionality, optimizing the accuracy based on your style of archery.

This 58-inch (147.32 cm) bow only weighs 2.2 pounds (0.998 kg), so you don’t have to worry about being weighed down. The laminated exterior is perfect for long-lasting, durable playstyles. This bow is made specifically for hunting and target practice. Whether you’re sharpening your skills at the range or hunting for dinner, you can count on it.

A Top Value Recurve Bow

If you’re hunting for a top value recurve bow you’ll love the Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow. This 62-inch (157.48 cm) bow has a 28-inch (71.12 cm) draw length, giving you the accuracy you need with a comfortable size that fits most people. You can choose from a left or right-handed bow and a size between 25 to 60 pounds (11.34 to 27.22 kg).

Most affordable Recurve bowIt might look fantastic, but the magic lies in the construction of this ‘just about’ indestructible recurve bow.

It’s made of laminated fiberglass, and you can change any of the parts to alter the performance and appearance.

Hardened maple limbs add to the natural look while boosting the structural integrity of the bow.

Each bow comes with 14 strands of dacron string, which is more than enough for any bowman. The smooth arrow rest allows the arrows to glide from the bow to the target without hindering the speed or accuracy. It’s as good as it gets when you’re trying to find the perfect recurve bow for the money.

What Size Recurve Bow Do I Need?

what size recurve bow copyThe size of your recurve bow can make a world of difference. There are three things that you need to consider when it comes to a bow’s size:

  • The bow’s length from top to bottom
  • The weight capacity of the bow (pounds of pressure)
  • The bow’s overall weight

The length of a bow impacts on how you shoot, resource website Learn Archery suggests that you use your calculated draw length to determine the correct size for you.

I also suggest that you factor in your age and arm span. There are a few other methods, but most of them are based on myths.

I’ve always recommended lightweight bows for precision and heavy bows for power. The more weight there is and the longer the draw length, the further it’ll go. Keep in mind that you need to find a good balance between accuracy and power. We’ve all used an ultra-lightweight bow without hitting the target. Don’t make the same mistake twice!

The recurve bow’s capacity directly impacts the bow’s strength. I’ve come to find that just because you’re strong doesn’t mean you need to choose the toughest bow. A high weight capacity can limit your accuracy, as you read above. You should be able to move around without feeling encumbered or strained when you’re using the bow.

As long as you remember all three parts of your bow’s size, I’m sure that you’ll enjoy every minute of using it for a very long time to come!

Recurve Bow Accuracy

recurve bow targetWhen competing, the points tally by an archer using a recurve bow will generally be less than the same archer using a compound bow. 

There’s no argument there.

That’s simply because a compound bow shoots significantly faster and has a flatter path than a recurve bow so it’s way more accurate.

How Far Can a Recurve Bow Shoot?

Depending on variables such as draw length, draw weight and the weight of the arrows a recurve bow has the ability to shoot around 200 yards.


In reality, the ‘useful range’ that the average archer is able to achieve is somewhere in the vicinity of 35 yards max.


When you’re trying to find a good recurve bow, you should keep an eye out for the pressure, accuracy, and comfort. It should fit in your arms and hands without a problem. Remember that precision comes before the appearance of the bow.

Here’s a quick recap of the post:

  • SinoArt, Samick, and TopArchery are three of the best brands to choose from.
  • Make sure you’re able to handle the pounds of force of each recurve bow.
  • Choose a size that fits your hands.